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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Monday, 27 June 2016 

08:00-09:30​   Industry Symposium Supported by GSK
The Impact of PCVs on Public Health: Not Exactly What We Thought? 

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The symposium aims to present the latest available evidence of the global impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) on pneumococcal diseases in different countries and focus on the overall protection. The format will enable an interactive discussion between the expert panel and the audience. The panel will address the direct impact of PCVs, not only on the vaccine serotypes but also on clinically diagnosed invasive diseases irrespective of serotypes ("How much does overall protection count?"). In addition, the panel will discuss the effect of the vaccine in developing countries ("What is the current status of vaccination with PCVs in developing countries?") and the future challenges. As a last topic, the discussion will focus on the duration of the effect of the vaccination on the population ("Have we reached the full PCV impact?"). Come and discuss the latest pneumococcal data.
ZINC Tracking Code: VGBU/SYN/0001/16   Preparation date: April 2016​

Chair: Dr. Norman Begg, Head of Global Scientific Affairs and Public Health, GSK Vaccines  
​Speaker 1 Dr. William Hausdorff, Consultant 
​Speaker 2 Dr. Richard Adegbola, Director, Global Scientific Affairs and Public Health, GSK Vaccines 
Speaker 3 ​Dr. Bernard Hoet, Global Medical Affairs Lead, Pneumococcal Vaccines, GSK Vaccines 

TUEsday, 28 June 2016 

08:00-09:30​   Industry Symposium Supported by Pfizer
Measuring Success in Paediatric Pneumococcal Vaccination: Effectiveness and Impact on Public Health

08:00-08:05​Welcome and Introductions 
Rene Reinert, MD
Pfizer Vaccines 
​08:05-08:35​Paediatric Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines: Building a Bridge Between Immunogenicity, Nasopharyngeal Carriage, and Herd Effect
Ron Dagan, Beer-Sheva, Israel 
​08:35-09:05Evidence of Protection: A Look at Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Impact Around the World
Anne von Gottberg, MB, BCh, PhD
Cape Town, South Africa
09:05-09:20​Protecting Future Generations: Issues in Compliance, Coverage, and High-­Risk Populations
Peter R. Paradiso, PhD, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
​09:20-09:30​Question and Answer Session
Rene Reinert, MD
Pfizer Vaccines

wednesday, 29 june 2016 

08:00-09:30​   Industry Symposium Supported by Merck & Co., Inc.
Addressing Pneumococcal Disease Among Adults in the Era of Widespread Pediatric Vaccination

08:00-08:05​Welcome and Introduction
Jacques Gaillat, France  
​08:05-08:30Update on Serotype Epidemiology Around the World 
Shelly McNeil, Canada 
​08:30-08:50​Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination in National Immunization Programs
Jacques Gaillat, France  
​08:50-09:10​Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination
Yiling Jiang, UK
​09:10-09:20 ​Implementation Challenges with Adult Vaccination
Todd Ellerin, USA
​09:20-09:30 ​Q&A
ZINC code: C001376a.
This symposium is organised and sponsored by MSD with the agreement of SPMSD, who has certified this event as compliant with the Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry

17:30-18:30   Industry Symposium Supported by Pfizer
Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Use in Adults: Confronting the Burden of Pneumococcal Pneumonia​

​17:30-17:35​​Welcome and Introductions 
Raul Isturiz, Pfizer Vaccines 
​17:35-17:55​Evaluating the Need for Direct Protection: The Remaining Burden of Pneumococcal Disease in Adults
Julio Ramirez, Louisville, Kentucky, USA​

​17:55-18:20​From Clinical Trials to Vaccine Recommendations: Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Use in Adults
Antoni Torres, MD, ​PhD, Barcelona, Spain
​18:20-18:30 ​Question and Answer Session
Raul Isturiz, Pfizer Vaccines

Thursday, 30 June 2016 

08:00-09:30​   Industry Symposium Supported by Merck & Co., Inc.

Adults Are Not Just Grown-Up Children: Immunologic Response to Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults 

​Chair:Mel Kohn, USA
08:00-08:05​Welcome and Opening Remarks 
Mel Kohn, USA 
​08:05-08:40The Immunology of Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults Versus Children 
Rick Malley, USA 
08:40-09:15​Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults and Vaccine Effectiveness: Separating Fact from Fiction  
David Fedson, USA
​09:15-09:30 Q&A
Mel Kohn, U
This symposium is organised and sponsored by MSD with the agreement of SPMSD, who has certified this event as compliant with the Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry​



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