Abstract Topics

​​Burden of Pneumococcal Disease​

  • ​​​Global epidemiology post-PCV
  • Impact of PCV in developing countries
  • Paediatric disease post-PCV
  • Pre-PCV introduction surveillance
  • Improving outcome in sepsis and meningitis
  • HIV and pneumococcus
  • Non-pulmonary disease: pleura, meningitis, cardiac involvement etc.
  • Co-infections and pneumococcus
  • Antimicrobial resistance: epidemiology and regional variation
  • Pathophysiology of pneumococcal disease
  • How should we target vulnerable groups with effective vaccination strategies?
  • Non-vaccine interventions for prevention of pneumococcal disease​

                        Pneumococcal Ecology

                        • Carriage / colonisation
                        • Serotype replacement: evidence, impact, regional variations
                        • Vaccine-driven serotype and genotype changes
                        • Microbiome
                        • Clinical implications of microbiota findings
                        • Biofilms
                        • Nasopharyngeal microbial ecology
                        • The relationships between carriage / disease and between carriage / transmission
                        • Viruses and influence of nasal microbiome on colonisation and infection
                        • Pneumococcal and viral interactions
                        • Antibiotic resistance: biology and molecular mechanisms
                        •  Phase variation​

                        ​Ongoing Challenge of Pneumococcal Pneumonia

                        • Impact of PCV on pneumonia
                        • Improving outcome in clinical pneumonia
                        • Pneumonia endpoints
                        • Pneumonia in children
                        • Diagnostics
                        • Management of disease
                        • Treatment of disease
                        • PERCH
                        • Environmental contributory factors (smoking, pollution, nutrition)

                        ​Bacterial Genomics

                        • Vaccine driven serotype/genotype changes
                        • Genome-wide pneumococcal analyses
                        • Genomic epidemiology
                        • How genomic data contribute to disease protection/spread etc
                        • Comparative genomics
                        • Epigenetics
                        • Pneumococcal biology and evolution
                        • Functional genomics
                        • Antimicrobial resistance
                        • GWAS
                        • RNAseq / transcriptomics
                        • New sequencing technologies
                        • Databases / data analyses​

                        ​Mechanisms Underlying Host Susceptibility to Disease

                        • Genetic susceptibility to disease
                        • Genetic susceptibility to colonisation
                        • Disparities in susceptibility to pneumococcal disease
                        • Host pathogen interactions
                        • Other contributing factors like smoke, viruses and nutrition
                        • Specific immune responses to vaccines and disease
                        • Investigation for primary immunodeficiency           

                        ​The Unique Challenge of Pneumococcal Disease in Adults

                        • Pneumococcal disease in adults
                        • Vaccine use in adults
                        • NCD's and the pneumococcus: implications of changes in NCD epidemiology eg. the rise of diabetes and obesity
                        • Diagnostics
                        • Pneumonia in adults​
                        • Meningitis
                        • HIV

                        ​New Pneumococcal Vaccines​​

                        • Alternative vaccine strategies / adjuvants / immunomodulation
                        • Alternative vaccines to PCV10/13 including proteins, new PCVs
                        • Novel vaccine targets and immune mechanisms
                        • Vaccine aimed to reduce transmission rather than protect recipients directly
                        • Licensing / how to do a trial with a new vaccine
                        • Practicalities and ethics of getting new vaccines and antigens to the clinic
                        • Vaccine safety

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